The most widespread type of antenna supports where the occasion requires installing equipment at heights above 50 m. The maximum amount of equipment and work platforms of various types may be placed on such constructions.

Distinctive features

  • maximum antenna load capacity;
  • used in all climatic and seismic zones.

Standard heights: up to 100 m.
Wind region: up to 6

Application sphere, placement of

  • mobile base station antennas;
  • radio-relay system antennas;
  • television and radio antennas;
  • navigation, radar and other systems.

Standard specification

  • tower bearing constructions;
  • brackets for installation of antennas and other technological equipment;
  • lifting ladder;
  • ladder safety system for elevation (back guardrail);
  • mounting constructions of feeder ways;
  • rest platform during the ascent to a tower;
  • work platform;
  • lightning protection system (lightning rod with a conductor and mounting hardware);
  • protection system against unauthorized access, etc.;
  • a set of mounting materials;
  • assembly documentation.

Additional equipment

  • additional rest and equipment maintenance platforms;
  • ladder safety system for elevation (safety profile with carriage);
  • the feeder bridge from the tower to a container or process room;
  • anchor (embedded) parts;
  • template for setting the anchor (embedded) parts;
  • aircraft warning system;
  • electrical boxes.

Design features

  • a tower consists of unified prefabricated sections. The height of the section may compose either 5 or 10 meters;
  • the upper section is a triangular prism, whereas other sections – truncated pyramid of triangular cross-section;
  • belts of sections are made of round tubes;
  • the grid of sections is made of square cross-section profiles;
  • type of section joints – bolted flange joints;
  • bolted fixing of the grid cross stay to the section belts;
  • a grid trunk of triangular cross-section is situated inside the tower having the edge side of 400 mm;
  • a lifting ladder and elements for fixing antennas feeders and power supply cables are fixed to the trunk via special brackets.