Roof mast

The most convenient solution for areas lacking open space for installation of antenna supports.

Distinctive features

  • the required area is minimal
  • high antenna load capacity
  • easily mountable and securely held with the help of guys wires (tows).
Standard heights: up to 30 m.
Wind region: up to 4.

Application field, placement of

  • mobile base station antennas
  • radio-relay system antennas
  • television and radio antennas
  • navigation, radar and other systems.

Standard specification

  • mast bearing constructions
  • brackets for installation of antennas and other technological equipment
  • ladder safety system for elevation of people (8 mm tow)
  • lightning protection system (lightning rod with a conductor and mounting hardware)
  • holding elements of guy wires
  • metal core cable used for guy wires
  • set of mounting materials
  • assembly documentation.

Additional equipment

  • ladder safety system for elevation of people (safety profile)
  • aircraft warning system
  • electrical boxes.

Design features

  • the masts are composed of unified welded sections. Height of each section is 3 – 6 meters
  • all the sections have uniform cross-section, triangular or square one in the plan
  • section belts and grids are made from round steel
  • type of section joints – bolted flange joints.