Monopole (metal pole)

A monopole construction is an appropriate solution for densely populated urban environment. The said construction is composed of metal sections 10-12 m in length.

Distinctive features

  • minimal base area;
  • multifunctionality of the cConstruction allows using it not only for the main task, but for other purposes as well (for example, as a lightening mast).

Standard heights: up to 42 m.
Wind region: up to 6.

Application sphere, placement of

  • mobile base station antennas;
  • radio-relay system antennas;
  • light-emitting devices.

Standard specification

  • monopole bearing constructions;
  • brackets for installation of antennas and other technological equipment;
  • lifting ladder;
  • ladder safety system for elevation (back guardrail);
  • lightning protection system (lightning rod with a conductor and mounting hardware);
  • protection system against unauthorized access, etc.;
  • a set of mounting materials;
  • assembly documentation.

Additional equipment

  • ladder safety system for elevation (safety profile with carriage);
  • the feeder bridge from the monopole to a container or process room;
  • anchor (embedded) parts;
  • template for setting the anchor (embedded) parts;
  • aircraft warning system;
  • electrical boxes.

Design features

  • A monopole consists of prefabricated sections made of round tubes;
  • Section joints – flange;
  • Cables and feeders are laid inside the sections of antenna support. The feeder bridge is designed for fixing cables and feeders. Hatches, present in the antenna support, are designed for cable and feeder laying and outlet towards technological equipment.