General information

Technical shelter К1 2995/2655/3130 has been designed for explicit use of electronic equipment of satellite communication sets, mobile network transmission stations, power-supply systems etc.

The shelter provides a minimum useful life period of 20 years in aggressive environmental conditions.

Galvanized(painted) metal frame, walls made of isolated PU-steel-panels, zinc plated roof framework with painted zinc plated roofing sheets and double floor ensure hydro- and thermal insulation as well as protection against vandalism.

K1 shelter has the following outside dimensions (not incl. additional equipment): length 2995 mm, width 2655 mm, height: 3130 mm. These dimensions could be changed at the request of Customer.

Shelter equipping (electricity, wiring, lights etc.) also at Customer’s option.

The shelter is capable of being transported by air, rail and road transport.